The death of a loved one or beloved pet is so difficult and certainly for me, standing by a grave side, no matter how beautiful the location, doesn’t really connect me to the person sleeping there.  Personal belongings of that person provide a bit more of a connection with them, but quoting the friend of the lady whose ashes I incorporated into a memorial paperweight, ‘Now I can hold her in my hand as well as my heart’.  These very touching words brought a tear to my eye, knowing that I had created a piece that gave comfort to one bereft.  I wish that I had something like this to remind me of someone I lost many many years ago and think of every day.

So, in the hope that I can help to give some comfort to others having something personal of their loved ones or beloved pets I am offering mini memorial paperweights (or marbles) of around 4cm in diameter in a ‘galaxy style’ as shown below; marble pendants; and cufflinks as shown in the photos below.  I can produce these in a variety of colours and will include some sparkle in it from some special glass I have to enhance the ‘galaxy effect’.  The sparkle can be in the same colour as the piece or a different colour.   The pendants can come with different colour leather cord with sterling silver ends and clasps in any length you like, I can also make these necklaces in waxed cotton cord.  The cufflinks can have sterling or silver plated bases (sterling is a higher cost of course).

I fully appreciate the sensitivity of the time in your life when you might be thinking of this and promise to treat the cremains with all respect as if they belonged to a member of my own family or my beloved pet.  I generally would need a couple of teaspoons of the cremains and any that I don’t use will be returned to you with your item.  In terms of timelines, it is unlikely that I can complete orders between Easter and the end of September due to it being my busiest time of the year and I like to ensure that I have time to make your piece feeling calm and peaceful, however if you require your item during this time, please let me know and we can discuss.  Between October and March my timelines are between 4 – 6 weeks, again we can discuss timelines if your item is urgent.  I can’t at the moment provide an engraving service but am looking into a local engravers in case anyone wanted this.

If you would like more information, for example prices and how the process works please contact me or email me and we can discuss your requirements.  If you are interested in a fused glass piece, for example a picture or free-standing piece, I often work with a talented fused glass artist who can make these pieces for you, for more information on the fused glass work please contact me for more info.

I hope I can provide you with something to treasure, to keep a loved one close and provide a little comfort.