I not only make beads and jewellery but also sometimes cupboard/drawer knobs and light pulls.

These are both hand formed without the use of molds or presses. I tend to make the cupboard/drawer knobs in a ‘mushroom’ shape generally with dots on them, but I can do swirls and mixed colours. The light pulls too tend to be dotty ones, but I also make them in two colours with swirls and raised dots on (see photos). I also make ‘spiral’ cupboard knobs (see photos), these look best in transparent glass colours. I generally make these items as comissions as the colour variation options are huge and therefore it is diffcult to be able to list all the colour options in my online shop.

The cupboard/drawer knobs are made on a ‘sleeve’ for a standard cupboard/drawer knob screw, M4 (4mm). If you have existing cupboard/drawer knobs on screws mine will (should) fit these. Alternatively I have the correct screws in different lengths.

If you would like more information about either of these items, including prices, please don’t hesitate to contact me.