I reckon most artists are inspired by nature, difficult not to be really with all it's colours and forms.  Colour combinations that on the face of it sound horrible, take orange and pink for example, or green and purple, but when you look at flowers you see that nature loves these colour combos, so if nature loves them why don't we when we think of these colours when we admire them all the time?

Alot of my inspiration comes from looking at tutorials and nature and art works.  I have a favorite piece of Art that my partner bought for me years ago, it is a print ofOld Croft Tiree an original (sadly originals are rather outside our price bracket 😉 ) of a piece by the wonderful Pam Carter, an artist inspired by the beautiful west coast of Scotland (we were going to move to Scotland, planned it for years and years and years and then must have taken the wrong turn on the motorway and come south instead 😉  Mind you, being on the West Coast and a particularly wild part of it (the fabulous and rugged Hartland Penninsular) some of it reminds me of Scotland, OK we don't have the mountains, but we have moors and deserted rugged coves and beaches that even in the height of summer can be empty.  I hope Pam doesn't mind, but I want to share the piece that I look at every day and just love and that has inspired a colour combination that I use alot in my beads.

I once tried to recreate this picture in a bead, but my abilities don't quite stretch that far!  The bead I make using these colours (and other colour combos) is a fairly simple bead and manIMG_4524y  lampworkers use a similar style, but put their own stamp on it.  This is an example of my 'beach' bead inspired by 'Old Croft, Tiree'.    The following photographs show some more inspiration behind this style, the ever changing scene of the Atlantic Ocean, just on my doorstep and some more beads in this style different colour combinations (these are my favorites, note the neutral, natural colours!).