This is my page with information about the memorial glass beads that I make. 

Some years ago I was asked to make something for a friend whose Grandmother had passed away, and after some thought and discussion we decided that a memorial glass mini paperweight with ashes in would be something the friend would treasure; it is a comforting shape and the glass takes on the warmth of your hand when you hold it.  One customer told me  ‘Now I can hold her in my hand as well as my heart’.  These words touched me deeply knowing that I had bought this person some comfort. 

Since then for several years I made mini glass paperweights and marbles containing cremains.  Sadly though I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand which is exacerbated by making the paperweights.  I stopped making these just over a year ago, however recently a school friend asked me to make a bead to remember a loved one and so I made a sample piece (containing wood ash from our woodburner just to show her an example).  Having made this piece I have now decided to restart offering a memorial service but this time making beads and jewellery rather than paperweights.  Below is a photograph of the sample bead that I made for my friend and in time I shall make some more sample pieces to add to this one.  The white speckles in this bead are the ashes.   I have made a base of a glass rich in silver which gives a lovely mother of pearl effect, I mostly have blue in this glass at the moment or pink.  The silver rich glass has been covered (in this case) in a thin layer of transparent baby blue glass, then there is the layer of ash, then a covering layer of the baby blue transparent glass.

I can make beads, pendants, necklaces with leather, sterling silver or waxed cotton cord. Earrings may be possible but they might be a bit fiddly to do. 

For prices and more information please get in touch.  I want to assure you that I will take the utmost care of your precious cremains and return any unused to you with your item which will be packaged in a pretty blue box.