Well June is mad busy for me so thought I would update you on what I am up to.

Firstly the shop down on the Wharf is open every day now until the end of September, so although there are 4 of us to share the load it does mean that we are all going to be that bit busier now.

Secondly, on the 13th and 14th of June up on the Castle Grounds of Bude Castle (just behind the shop) there is going to be the summer Bude Arts and Music Festival which includes lots of live music and a craft fair plus lots of other entertainment.  It is going to be a great couple of days (in-fact the music side starts on the Friday).  I shall be there in my Gazebo enjoying the music and maybe having a little sing along and a dance too.  Really can’t wait for this one.  I had a table at the summer event last year which was amazing, and also at the Christmas market this group organised so I know it will be good.  If you want to find out more they have a Facebook page and a website for more info.


Then the following weekend, there is an open studios event in the beautiful wild Hartland area which is where I live.  I won’t be opening my studio sadly, not quite suitable for visitors yet, maybe next year, but will be sharing with the most amazing artist in her studio in Stoke (between Hartland village and the wonderful Hartland Quay).  There will be lots of information in the post office in the village and there is a website page with lots of information about the artists and how to find us.  It’s going to be a great 3 day event, culminating on the Summer solstice, 19th – 21st June.  I am so excited to be involved in this and really looking forward to visiting the other artists in their studios (the benefit of sharing a studio on open events like this!).

Artland Flyer 210515-001Here is the map for the Artland open studio’s event.  If you click on the image you will get a bigger one on your screen so you can see it better.  You can also find information on the location of the studios in the Post Office in Hartland Village.

Artland map

And of course I will be in my usual spot on the Wharf in Bude on Fridays for Bude Farmers’ Market (10 – 3) and at Hartland Farmers’ market on the 7th June in the village hall in Hartland Village (10 – 1).  If you want to find out which days I am in the Bude studio/shop then have a look on the website, it tells you our opening hours and the days that I am ‘on shift’ 🙂

Hopefully with all this I shall still find a bit of time for marble making and time to tend our rather large and prolific vegetable plot (or maybe help my OH to tend the large and prolific vegetable plot 😉 ).

Looking forward to seeing you in June somewhere on my  travels 🙂

What’s on in June